Web Solutions

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Web agencies have two main solutions to create a website: using Framework software or using a CMS tool.



There are several phases to create a site: choosing a design, then the CMS, setting up the web portal, selecting the domain name and publishing the Internet platform.


Web design & graphic design

Webdesign transmits information through the internet. To achieve this, it will be necessary to put forward the information in the form of visual content.


Webmarketing strategy

A Webmarketing strategy for growing your business must achieve a specific goal, determine specific objectives and use specific tactics.


Site redesign

Redesigning of the ressources-psycho.com website is more than just a design change. It is about transforming the virtual storefront into a lead generation tool capable of developing the company’s business.


To optimize the content of a site, it is necessary to master certain technical knowledge: HTML language, Web server, redirections?

Updates & up technical dates

Improve the traffic of a site by regularly updating it. Obsolete Web platforms deserve a complete overhaul.

Data driven content marketing

Unique & optimized website

Web design indicates the design of a web interface, the tree structure and architecture of the pages, the navigation to the Internet portal. The Webdesigner takes care of the creation of the site while respecting the graphic charter of the client company.

This specialist masters Web technologies and SEO techniques. He advises his clients in the creation of a Web site.

Creation of a complete graphic charter

The graphic charter allows to keep a coherence in the communication. To create a graphic charter, it is necessary to start by choosing a color palette that suits the values and the field of activity of the brand.

Logo: the centerpiece of the graphic charter

The logo intervenes in every communication. This design represents the first piece of a communication strategy. The logo is the banner to the public, customers and prospects.

SEO referencing

Acquisition and retention levers

Each web portal must have a specific traffic acquisition strategy. In order to build customer loyalty, objectives must be defined and adhered to. To achieve this, it will be necessary to select key indicators called KPIs.

Content-based strategic phase

Content marketing uses more elaborate and subtle advertising methods. Inbound marketing is a technique aimed at creating a bond of trust by transmitting useful information to Internet users.

Linking phase or external meshing

They are links seen in a web page. These links guide readers to other sites. These backlinks must therefore be arranged externally to allow Internet users to linger as long as possible on your website.

Rethinking the brand and giving it visibility

Your image on the web!

To rethink a company and offer it more visibility, it is necessary to study the statistics concerning the number of visits, the number of pages seen during a Google search, the time of visit?